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Choose Your Free Zone For Company Formation

In UAE Free zones are the most fertile places, if you are planning to start your own business, this must be your priority. Most of the free-zones in Dubai are well equipped with infrastructure, tax exemptions and other beneficial business entities. There are uncountable benefits of starting your business In Free zones such as;

  • No tax on any kind of personal and corporate profits.
  • Regardless of the nationality and domicile of the investor, they have the right of 100% ownership.
  • All exports and imports duties are excluded.
  • For 15 years corporate tax is exceptional with the option for additional renewal for the next 15 years.
  • No requirement for capital deposits.

In Dubai there are more than 30 free zones are available, it is easy for you to set up a company. But you should keep your eye on the important attributes because every zone has acquired its own rules and regulations. Suppose if you have a business that deals with the trading of products or selling of goods then you should consider the Sharjah zone.

Free zones in Dubai offer a different kind of investment opportunities, that the investor is allowed to select the suitable entity for their business. Free zones offer the great freedom to do the business, savings on the Tax with the roust infrastructure for Sharjah Free Zone Company Formation.

In Dubai, you would realize the freedom to run your own business without any worry for the rigmarole, documentations, licensing and visa applications. Even with the help of business consultancies, you can easily complete the entire Company Formation in Dubai Sharjah – UAE documentation hassle-free.

In UAE Sharjah is the third largest emirate and also land on the Oman and Persian Gulf. This is the largest constitutional monarchy attracts thousands of tourists a year. Along with that, Sharjah also has a very low crime rate due to the fair judicial system. It is also considered as the only shipping sector in the country as if your business deals with the import and export business then this can be a beneficial choice for your business. On the other hand to maintain foreign investments the Govt of UAE has taken some steps to create more opportunities. The registration of your company in the UAE is only three weeks away. Once you decide your free zone then you need to follow these steps;

  • Company name reservation.
  • Fulfill the premises of rent office
  • You need to make arrangements for the deeds of company establishment and articles of associations.
  • Open your account on the corporate bank, and add the minimum amount as a capital share to get approval from the bank.
  • Allocate the complete budget for your business for further translations.

You need to have a particular license, which should be grant by the relevant authority of the specific free zone. So if you are sure to start your business in Dubai, you don’t have to hesitate by contacting the business consulting companies as they help you with the complete setup of your company.

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