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Business Setup in Dubai Design District

Business Setup in Dubai Design District

The Dubai Design District, also known as D3, is a creative community and specialized free zone situated in the center of Dubai, UAE. It was established to encourage the growth of the design, fashion, art, and luxury industries in the area. A platform for collaboration,
innovation, and the presentation of creative work is what D3 wants to provide for designers, artists, and creative professionals from across the world. Dubai Design District is one of the newer free zone possibilities in Dubai that are open to businesses and investors. The Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority manages Dubai Design District.

Dubai Design District launched in 2013 with the purpose of creating a center that would nurture local talent and provide creative thinkers a stage. In order to develop a creative ecosystem that goes above and beyond what is commonly expected of a creative neighborhood, D3 has been established after through collaboration with the design community. Dubai’s future as a premier center for design, art, and culture is being formed by the ideas that Dubai Design District forges.

Company Formation in Dubai Design District

The Dubai Design District Free Zone now leads the Middle East in providing a variety of media and design workshops. among
others, there are media conferences, fashion events, art displays, and brand launches. The Dubai Design District is certainly a one-of-a-kind environment that supports new sectors like fashion, retail, luxury, and hospitality. As the most recognized and trustworthy management consulting organization in the UAE, we guarantee high-quality and completely transparent services throughout the whole
company formation process.

Below you will find the list of services included in our Business Setup Package:

Consultancy for business establishment.
. Regular updates about the entire procedure.
. Initial approval: company name, mission, and shareholder structure.
. construction of a business plan summary.
. Business formation.
. Facility selection (Business Park).
. License for companies.
. Establishment card, business stamp, letterhead, company profile, and business website.
. Accounts Guide for UAE Businesses not registered for VAT.

Dubai Design District Free Zone is ideal for these sectors

  • Digital media
  • Architecture
  • Art industry
  • Design industry
  • Fashion industry

Benefits of Dubai Design District Company

  • Complete capital repatriation,
  • Zero personal income, service, import and export taxes,
  • Provisions for a variety of leasing choices ranging from executive offices to larger spaces.
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Ideal free zone for startup design freelancers
  • 0% Corporate Tax provided they comply with all regulatory requirements
  • No currency restrictions
  • No limit on capital repatriation
  • Special freelance permit for designers and artists
  • 0% corporate tax for the first 50 years.

Business Activities

The Dubai Design District free zone is home to a majority of creative businesses. The following is by no means a comprehensive list. Additionally, the creative community in the Design District is constantly expanding. This is one of the top places in the world for startups, no matter what kind of creative business you have. The following are the most important business activities in Dubai Design District.
Various financial and professional business activities are welcome in the Dubai Design District Free Zone. The most popular options are listed below:

. Public Relations Agency.
. Tailoring.
. Art Galleries.
. Branding and Corporate Identity.
. Fashion Design Consultancy.
. Architectural Design.
. Concept Design.
. Direct Marketing.
. Graphic Design.
. Modelling Agency.
. Image Consultancy.
. Performing Arts Management.
. Beauty Advisors.
. Design Consultancy.
. Fashion/Fair Exhibition.
. Industrial Design.
. Photography

Dubai Design District Company Setup Procedure

. identify the legal form of the business to be registered in D3.
. Select an activity from the list of D3 activities.
. Apply for name and initial approval.
. payment of startup costs for a D3 business.
. Incorporate the company by signing the necessary D3 paperwork.
. Apply for a D3 residence visa.


Dubai Design District Free zone’s commercial facilities

D3 offers state-of-the-art floating meetings that were created by renowned designers in addition to stunning offices with scenic views, attractive studios, and creative co-working spaces. D3 has a useful selection of indoor and outdoor event venues that can hold up to
40,000 attendees, with a total size of approximately 64000 square feet. In Dubai Design District, there are also pop-up venues where galleries, showrooms, temporary art exhibitions, and fashion pop-ups may be presented.

Registration Documents for Dubai Design Company Formation

Depends on whether a shareholder is an individual or a corporate company, some documents is needed for business setup in D3 (Dubai Design District). The basic requirements are:
. A color copy of the shareholder, director, or manager’s passport.
. Color UAE residence visa and emirates id copy of shareholder/director/manager.
. Business plan.
. Shareholder, director, or manager’s CV or resume.
. NOC from the shareholder, director, or manager’s current sponsor

Types of licenses in D3

Commercial License
Commercial license means that your company can be registered as a Branch firm (a branch of an already-existing UAE company or a foreign company) or as a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (owned by an individual or a corporation).
Professional License
Companies are considered as professional businesses engaged in a profession. Under this condition, the firms registered as professional entities may only practice the specific professional activity and not any commercial activity.
Freelancer Permit
Here is everything you need to work as a freelancer in the fields of writing, graphic design, editing, editor, artist, musician, or any other creative or fashion-related profession.

Legal Entity Type

Foreign investors that want 100% ownership typically like the Dubai Design District. The following business licenses are offered:
. Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)
. Branch of an existing UAE or foreign company
. Freelance permit

Documents Required

. Board resolution for creating a free zone entity.
. Detailed business plan.
. Proof of share capital requirement.
. All other free documentation to be completed at the time of business setup.
. Company registration and licensing application form.
. Profile details of shareholder(s).
. Passport copies and specimen signature of each director and general manager.


Dubai Design District Company Setup

To set up your D3 business and develop your company bank account as soon as possible, we will guide you through each step.

  1. Expert consultation
  2. Select company type
  3. Prepare company registration
  4. Select and lease business location
  5. Receive business license
  6. Complete corporate bank account opening
  7. Finalize UAE residency visa


. Strategic Location.
. Tax-free If Regulatory Conditions Are Met
. 100% Business Ownership & Return Of Capital.
. Work And Live In One Active Community
. Successful Business Centre
. Short And Effective Setup Process.


How much does it cost to set up a free zone company in Dubai?

Setting up a free zone company with the right authorities is the first step in starting a free zone company in Dubai. Depending on the free zone you choose, the registration costs might vary, but they typically range between AED 12,900 and AED 50 000. The registration of the business and obtaining the necessary licenses are covered by this charge.

Can a free zone company open a bank account in Dubai?

If you have a branch office or LLC in a free zone or on the mainland of Dubai, you can apply for a business bank account abroad. For a day or some hours, you must be present as a bank signatory if you are a startup or SME in order to submit the application and have your passport verified.

Where is the visa issued from?

Through Dubai Immigration, visas are issued.

How to Get Your UAE Residence Visa

A residence visa is required if you want to bank, work, or live in Dubai Design District. It lasts for 3 years, but you need to enter the UAE every six months to keep it valid. But if they have business in Dubai, most entrepreneurs do this anyway.
In the UAE, you need to have a job, open a business, or get a freelance permit. For dependents, students, and owners of highly valued property, there are further options.
For entrepreneurs, new business and freelance permits are the best. Once you decide, you will need to complete the steps below:
1. Register your company with the UAE authorities
2. Get your establishment card
3. Receive your entry permit
4. Apply for your UAE ID
5. Book your mandatory medical tests
6. Visit a UAE consulate to get your visa.

Can a free zone company do business in Dubai?

Businesses operating in a free zone are permitted to conduct business with nearby
companies and internal businesses. But they not allowed to trade with the rest of the UAE
mainland or clients in Dubai.

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