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Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

Business setup in Mainland allows investors to set up a company in Dubai’s mainland areas. The mainland is also known as onshore, is the territory of Dubai that sits outside of the free zones and is governed by the Department of Economic Development (DED). It simply means that all three types of Mainland trade licenses – Professional/Services Licence, Commercial Licence, and Industrial Licence are issued by Dubai Economic Department DED.

What is a Dubai Mainland Company?

A company registered in one of the UAE DED (Department of Economic Development)s is considered to be “Mainland Company”. To run a business on the UAE Mainland, you must register your company with the DED. The DED will then provide you a business license so that you can begin operating there. Any industrial, commercial, trading, professional, or tourism activity is permissible for mainland businesses.

Benefits of Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

There are several advantages to incorporating on the mainland. Setting up a corporation on the mainland promises a good future in your economic operations and professional endeavors. Mainland firms provide a diverse range of commerce, complete ownership, and location freedom. Dubai mainland business setup offers numerous benefits to investors like easy access to the local and international markets, favorable tax policies, and excellent infrastructure. Mainland company has the option to make a bid in UAE government projects.
To ensure adherence to local rules and regulations, it is better to collaborate with a professional business setup company in Dubai like Socprollect. Feel free to Contact us today.

Mainland Company with 100% Ownership

The UAE government has permitted mainland enterprises to have 100% foreign ownership. The UAE Government’s implementation of reforms to the Commercial Companies Law, which has taken effect from June 2021 allows expats to have 100% ownership in Dubai’s Mainland Business. Before, expat business owners could only own up to 49% of their company, with the other 51% being owned by the Emirati sponsor. Due to modifications to UAE company law, foreigners establishing businesses in Dubai will no longer require an Emirati shareholder or agent.

Main steps to make a business in Dubai Mainland

1. Determine your business activity.

The first decision to make before establishing a firm on the UAE mainland is the sector in which you will trade. Choosing the exact activities for your company is an important decision when starting a business in UAE. According to the Department of Economic Development, there are thousands of allowed business activities (DED).

2. Locate the best location for your company in the UAE.

After determining your business activity, the next step is to determine where you want to operate. There are no restrictions on where firms can locate in the UAE mainland. The best site will be determined by a variety of criteria, including your budget and the kind of your firm. Another advantage of establishing a mainland firm in Dubai is the simplicity with which branch offices may be established. This implies that firms are not confined to a single location and may gradually establish a broad local presence.

3. Decide the legal form of your company.

International entrepreneurs can establish a variety of businesses on the UAE mainland. A sole proprietorship in Dubai is a legal entity owned or operated by a single individual who has a trade license in his or her own name. A Limited Liability Corporation is the most popular mainland business structure (LLC). An LLC is a separate legal entity that is owned by two or more stockholders. To establish a corporation on the UAE mainland, a firm that wishes to trade under a commercial or industrial license that will be covering industrial and manufacturing operations must incorporate an LLC. This would necessitate the involvement of a local sponsor. A professional service business, on the other hand, does not require a foreign sponsor and can be 100% foreign-owned.

4. Finalize your company name and activities

One of the most essential business decisions an entrepreneur can make is selecting a company name that expresses your brand and professional beliefs. When it comes to your company’s trade name in other languages, all names must be spelled out rather than translated.

5. Get a mainland trade license.

It’s now time to apply to the Department of Economic Development for a mainland trading license. A trade license application must include several papers. They include to mention a few, a license application, a memorandum of sponsor agreements, and ownership percentages among all partners and shareholder visas.

6. Choose your office space

Once you’ve received a business trade license the next step is to choose an office space. Serviced offices on the UAE mainland are often owned and maintained by a third party and provide everything you need to get started right away. Desks, phone and internet access, and reception services are common features. Typically, your lease payment would cover rent, office equipment use, and utility expenditures. A core office space is at the other extreme of the range. This normally needs a full fit-out and decor, with additional fees on top of rent. There is also a middle ground, with pre-fitted office premises where the business owner merely provides their own equipment and pays expenses separately.

7. Apply for necessary visas

There are no restrictions on mainland visa applications for business owners in the UAE. Nonetheless, the number of visas sought for should be proportional to the quantity of office space necessary. Per visa, the requirement is 100 square feet of office or warehouse space. There may be instances where this is not relevant.

8. Collaborate with a Business Setup Consultant

Establishing a mainland company in the UAE necessitates a thorough grasp of the legal and company formation processes. Working with UAE-based business setup experts alleviates the burden of establishing a firm for international entrepreneurs. A business consultant may work with you to understand your objectives. This will give you the confidence you need to launch a profitable company on the Dubai mainland.

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

We provide full services for any type of business setup in Dubai mainland. The following are the most popular locations in Dubai for establishing a mainland company. We are providing service to setup your business in anywhere in UAE. UAE free zones are also a great option to start your business.

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