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Basic Steps To Company Setup In Dubai

Your kind of business will find out the type of license you want. Whether it’s business, professional or trade licenses, these will describe the foundation of your processes. However, while choosing the types of a Company Set Up In Dubai, keep in mind that several activities such as food business, jewellery business, veterinary activities and lawful consultancy need further approvals from other governmental segments.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has made a list of more than 2100 activities you can opt from. If you cannot find your exact one in there, you can get in touch with the DED. Each free zone has its own set of laws and sanction procedures. Dubai Free zone Company Formation


As an overseas nationwide, if you want 100 per cent possession of your corporation, you need to choose a license and site in one of the several free zones of the UAE. There are particular types of activities that each free zone offers to and precision in the first step will assist you to find the right option as Company Formation UAE.

Legal Form

It depends on your place and type of business, there is a policy about the form of your company. For instance, if you create a plan on a legal consultancy company, this can be implemented only as a branch of the company or as a separate firm. An only owner is not authorized to start this activity. Each free zone has its limits about company organization and you can visit this official website of the zone.

Trade Name

Your trade name is an imperative part of the legal process. The company name must preferably point out the nature of the business until it is a branch of another organization.

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