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The UAE’s strategic location between Asia, Europe and Africa is a major advantage to investors, particularly the country’s proximity to some of the world’s fastest growing economies in Asia. India and China collectively comprise almost 40% percent of the world’s total population and support and combined GDP in excess of US$5 trillion, providing significant economic and trading opportunities.

Dubai International Airport is a global hub, served by over 100 airlines. The Dubai Metro system serves approximately 1.2 million passengers per day and has metro stations near to all major active centers in Dubai.

Dubai’s deliberate policy of investing heavily in transport, telecommunications, energy, and industrial infrastructure has enabled it to have one of the best infrastructure facilities in the world; it also contributed significantly both to its ongoing prosperity and attractiveness to international Business.

Complementing its world-class infrastructure is a sophisticated service sector that features leading regional and international freight forwarders, shipping companies, insurers plus major international hotels, banks and financial service firms, lawyers, accounting firms, consultants, advertising agencies, top international exhibition and conference facilities, high quality office and residential accommodation, first-class hospitals, schools, shopping centers and recreational facilities.

The UAE was ranked 1st regionally and 11th globally in terms of the availability and quality of transport infrastructure by the Global Enabling Trade Report 2012 released by the World Economic Forum (WEF). With this ranking, the UAE outperforms countries such as the USA, Finland, and Belgium.

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